Suction Cup Grab Bars

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Suction cup grab bars

For reliable support that's easy to install and remove, try suction cup grab bars. Made with strong suction cups, many of these suction grab bars are intended for use in the bathroom, and you can attach them to your tub or shower wall. Suction cup grab bars from brands such as Drive Medical can also offer stability and assistance in other areas of the home to meet your needs.

Finding the grab bar for your space

Choose the length and material of suction cup grab bars that you need or prefer. Some of these bathroom grab bars are versatile and can be adjusted to fit your space. Others are lightweight enough to travel with you on extended visits or stays. These suction cup grab bars are generally made for use with one hand at a time.

For peace of mind

In addition to suction cup grab bars, you can find grab rails here at that attach to your wall or floor with screws and hardware for permanent installation. You can use them in other areas of the house, such as next to the toilet or the stairs for safety and stability. Bed assist rails are also available to help you get in and out of bed easily, comfortably and securely.

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