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Aging changes in the senses
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...Balance (equilibrium) is controlled in a portion of the inner ear. Fluid and small hairs in the semicircular canal (labyrinth) stimulate the nerve that helps the brain maintain balance...

Lichen planus
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...s striae Shiny or scaly appearance Dark colored -- reddish-purple (skin) or gray-white (mouth) Possibility of developing blisters or ulcers Other symptoms include: Dry mouth Hair loss Metallic taste...

Hair shine

For added hair shine for any hair type, a range of products from sprays to moisture-infused hair milk make a great addition to your hair care arsenal for a shiny, eye-catching look. Added shine gives your 'do a boost that shampoo and conditioner alone can't match. Brands like Matrix and Garnier give you plenty of great products to choose from at

Hair shine for your unique locks

Is your hair color-treated? Relaxed? Frizzy? No matter your needs, we likely carry a hair shine product for you. Designed specifically for your hair type, hair shine sprays can help bring your style back to life with light-reflecting formulas. Most hair shine products are lightweight and won't cause greasy build-up.

Cremes, lotions, conditioners, detanglers and more

Besides hair shine products, offers a range of supplies that can give your hair the extra something it needs. We carry detanglers for kids for easy grooming as well as forumulas for flat-iron or blow-dry protection to keep your hair smooth and shiny. has a wide selection of hair care products for superior personal care.

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