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Sports Drinks


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Babies and diarrhea
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...recommend extra fluids that contain electrolytes. Follow the doctor's instructions. Do not use sports drinks for young infants. Talk to your pediatrician right away if there are signs of...

Diabetes Newsletter Autumn 2012
Health Info - Diabetes Newsletter Autumn 2012

...Grocery Candy & Gum Snacks Beverages Fresh & Ready Pantry Refrigerated Foods Frozen Foods Health Foods & Sports Nutrition Specialty Diets Baby Food & Formula Giftable Foods Baby, Kids & Toys Baby Food & Formula...

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Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...are: fat-free bouillon or broth, water, clean coffee or tea, strained fruit juices, sports drinks, and gelatin. Unless otherwise instructed, continue taking any regularly prescribed medication. Stop taking iron...


Sports Drinks

Energize your workout with a wide variety of sports drinks. Low calorie sports drinks provide a burst of flavor and stamina without unnecessary calories and added sugar. Powerade makes fruit-flavored, zero calorie sports drinks in strawberry and grape flavors. Stimulate your workout with Gatorade's line of pre-game sports performance drinks. Loaded with carbohydrates and B vitamins, these sports drinks give your workout a boost when consumed 15 minutes beforehand. The range of flavors varies from orange to fruit punch and berry.

Recover after a grueling workout

Available in lemon-lime, mixed berry and strawberry kiwi flavors, Gatorade's sports recovery drink is designed to restore your body after a tough workout. Gulp down this sports drink soon after a workout and revitalize your body and muscles with proteins, electrolytes and carbohydrates. For a rich and delicious way to revive after a workout, try a sports drink powder. Fit Frappe coffee delivers a protein punch with a naturally flavored, coffee-house inspired powder. Simply mix it with hot or cold water to start your recovery.

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