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moisturizing hand soaps


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Chapped hands
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...Limit hand washing as much as possible while maintaining good hygiene Try to keep the air in your home humid Use mild soaps or non-soap cleansers Use moisturizing lotions...

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...acne? Answer You can prevent pimples by keeping your face clean and your hands away from your face. Usingany good cleanser or soap, gently wash the affected area two to...

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Acne Products
Company Info - Help important to usepreventive measures in the management of acne, including twice-daily face washing with warmwater and a mild, non-moisturizing soap. In addition, for girls, trial and error...

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Preventing Infections
Company Info - Help, stop using this productimmediately and discard any bottles you have on hand. Practice good daily hygiene. Always wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly,and then dry them...

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