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Sunscreen Spray







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Sunscreen spray

For all-over sun protection that's simple and quick to apply, choose from different types of sunscreen spray. Because they're non-greasy and can absorb into your skin quickly, sunblock sprays can help you avoid getting your hands messy. Choose sunscreen sprays with the level of SPF protection you need from Neutrogena, Banana Boat or Coppertone.

Safeguarding your skin

Choose your spray sunscreen based on how light or deep you want your tan. Also consider your skin type. If your face often breaks out, try an oil-free sunscreen spray to avoid clogging pores. If you spend a lot of time swimming in the pool or at the beach, use a sunscreen spray that's water-resistant. There are even sunscreen sprays for babies that are formulated to be gentle on your infant's skin.

Lasting coverage

For long days playing beach volleyball or other activities in the sun, try a sport sunblock that's sweat-resistant and long-lasting. Have sensitive skin? Choose a sensitive skin sunscreen formulated to avoid redness and irritation. If you have dry skin, replenish your skin's moisture with sunscreen lotions that contain built-in moisturizers.