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Skin care and incontinence
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...may further irritate the skin. If you are receiving radiation therapy, ask your health care provider if it is okay to use any creams or lotions. Several skin cleansers are...

Athletes Foot and Ringworm Treatment
Health Info - Athletes Foot and Ringworm Treatment

...medical name for a group of related skin infections,including athlete's foot, jock itch...ringworm. Topical application of antifungal ordrying powders, lotions, or creams may be effective in treating...

Source:  Walgreens

Tick/Insect Bites and Early Lyme Disease Treatment
Health Info - Tick/Insect Bites and Early Lyme Disease Treatment

...spiderlike parasites that fasten themselves onto the skin and feed on blood. Tick bites over the counter antihistamine or calamine lotion. This treatment is available at Healthcare Clinic...

Source:  Walgreens


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