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Heat Therapy

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Sprain & Strain Treatment
Health Info - Sprain & Strain Treatment

...casting, bracing or surgery is necessary. RICE therapy ? Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation ? will help...hours, continue ice treatment or switch to heat. Compression may be done with an elastic...

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Charley horse
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...try stretching and massaging the affected muscle. Heat will relax the muscle at first, although...nerve is involved, you might need physical therapy or even surgery. The most common cause...

Neck pain
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB) or acetaminophen (Tylenol). Apply heat or ice to the painful area. One good method is to use ice for...


Heat therapy

For soothing, relaxing pain relief try a heat therapy product for any part of the body. An effective and safe alternative to medication, there are products for the back, joints, and even for the face to relieve sinus pain. Choose from the wide selection of heat therapy products at of reusable pads, disposable pads, or a hot and cold rub-on formula.

When traditional pain relief products are not enough

Many heat therapy products use moist heat, which is absorbed quickly by the body to relieve pain. Simply microwave a reusable pad for up to two hours of deeply comforting warmth. If you are in need of numbing cold, place the pad in the freezer for a few hours. Some heat pads wrap around the body to allow you to wear it under clothing and take your heat therapy with you. Disposable patches begin warming as soon as you open them and maintain their heat for up to eight hours.

Pain relief

Also shop for a complete selection of pain relief products. Choose from a wide variety of products to help you get past the pain and on with your life. Whether you need cold & flu medications, topical pain relief, antacids or migraine & headache relief, we have something for you.

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