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Butt Paste

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General paresis
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...but may also be transmitted by nonsexual contact. Symptoms Decreased language ability (aphasia) Decreased motivation Impaired judgment Loss of ability to calculate Loss of long-term memory (long-past events...

Coronary artery disease
Health Info - Coronary artery disease

...have released several new guidelines in the past year. Updated recommendations include: The guidelines for most patients with stable CAD but patients with severe heart disease should abstain...

Source:  Walgreens

Lung cancer - non-small cell
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...decades of research has recently shown that smoking marijuana may help cancer cells grow, but there is no direct link between the drug and developing lung cancer. High levels...


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Online Orders Help
Company Info - Help

Help Center Online Orders Products Pharmacy Contact Lenses Products Q: Can I cancel my online product order? A: Product orders withoutcontact lenses can be cancelled within 20 - 30 minutes of order placement. Please contactCustom...

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