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What are cold sores?
Pharmacy - Pharmacist FAQ

Cold sores and fever blisters are painful, fluid-filled blisters on the lips or nearby skin. Avirus called herpes simplex type 1 causes them. Cold sores are contagious and are spread bytouch. They often appear when you're under st...

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Sunburn first aid
Health Info - Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...give aspirin to children. Do Not DO NOT apply petroleum jelly, benzocaine, lidocaine, or butter to the sunburn. They make the symptoms worse and can prevent healing. DO NOT...

Wasp sting
Health Info - Health Illustrated Encyclopedia blood pressure Swelling of the face, lips, throat, and tongue Home Treatment Call poison...scrape a blunt object (such as a butter knife) over the area to remove the...

Lip butter

For soft smooth lips, hydrate with lip butter. This lip balm often contains ingredients like cocoa butter or shea butter to condition dry or chapped lips. You can also choose between different flavors and scents that make them more fun to use. Lip butter from brands such as Yes To Carrots and Palmers are here at to help protect and heal your lips.

For a natural smile

To help you enjoy your time in the sun without burning or sun damage, some lip butter contains SPF protection. Others are made with all-natural ingredients to prevent irritation or discomfort. Choose from different types of ingredients to find the formula for that works best for you.

Caring for your lips

In addition to lip butter, you can find other lip treatments to help condition, moisturize or accentuate your lips. There are lip protectants for chapped lips, as well as lip balms that you apply with a finger or that are in tubes for direct application. You can even add a little color with tinted lip balm. Other types of lip makeup that we carry include lipstick, lip gloss and lip stain.

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