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Alcohol Swabs


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Do I need special permission to take syringes and other diabetic supplies on a plane or cruise ship?
Pharmacy - Pharmacist FAQ

Yes, there are certain U.S. federal regulations that must be observed when travelling withcertain drugs and supplies, including syringes. These regulations are spelled out by theTransportation Security Administration (TSA), a comp...

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Recall Information
Health Info - Recall Information

Tools & Trackers Risk Assessments Decision Assist Health Encyclopedia Herbal & Alternative Medicine Care Guides In-Depth Reports Ask an Expert Ask a Pharmacist Find a Pharmacist Drug Information Check Drug Interactions Joslin Dia...

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Propyl alcohol
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...Center at 1-800-222-1222. Poisonous Ingredient Isopropyl alcohol Where Found Rubbing alcohol Alcohol swabs Note: This list may not be all inclusive. Symptoms Abdominal pain Coma Dizziness Lethargy...


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Recall Information
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