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Disposable Heat Pads

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Disposable heat pads

Disposable heat pads are designed to provide you with localized pain relief to different areas of your body. These pads come in different sizes so that you are able to place them securely around your wrist, arm or on your back. Most of the disposable heat pads you find on the market are hot packs. This simply means that in order to activate the heat when you are ready to use them. Some of these heat pads last for a few hours while others can last up to 12 hours.

Temperature therapy pads

Temperature therapy pads are another choice of hot and cold therapy you can use. These types of pads are designed specifically for different areas of the body. If you have twisted your wrist or ankle, you can find a wrist heating pad or ankle heating pad that will wrap around this area and snap into place. These disposable pads are lightweight and also come in sizes that allow you to wrap each one around your leg, waist or arm.

Non-Disposable Heat Pads

If you are seeking for an option other than disposable heat pads, consider microwaveable heat pads. These types of pads are be reused whenever you need to soothe pain away or can even be frozen for use as an ice pack. Most of these heat pads are hypoallergenic and can be washed, so you do not have to worry about bacterial growth every time you use one. These options can be great alternatives to medicinal pain relief products like ibuprofen.

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