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Medical Toilets


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Toileting safety
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...standard toilet seats (e.g. people who have sustained a hip fracture, or those with arthritis or other musculoskeletal injuries). These items may be purchased from a medical supply company...

Bowel retraining
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...fluid a day (unless you have a medical condition, such as kidney or heart disease...are able to walk, sit on the toilet or bedside commode. If you are confined...

Toilet bowl cleaners and deodorizers poisoning
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

Toilet bowl cleaners and deodorizers are substances used to clean and remove odors from toilets...Coma Headache Seizures Home Treatment Seek immediate medical help. Do NOT make a person throw...


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Medication Disposal
Company Info - Help

...they should beflushed down the sink or toilet after the medicine is no longer needed...physician for diagnosis and treatment of your medical condition.The information provided is not a...

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