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topical antibiotics


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Impetigo Treatment
Health Info - Impetigo Treatment

...visit Healthcare Clinic at select Walgreens forappropriate diagnosis and treatment. Treatment of oral or topical antibiotics is oftenindicated.* To prevent impetigo, do not share towels, razors, or other personal careproducts...

Source:  Walgreens

Septoplasty - series
Surgeries & Procedures

...antibiotics. A septal spur headache is defined as a headache secondary to pressure from the nasal septum on the linings in side the nose (septal impaction) and relieved by topical...

Erythema nodosum
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...other penicillins Sulfonamides Sulfones Oral contraceptives Other antibiotics Progestin Other associated disorders include leukemia, lymphoma...needed to control varying amounts of pain. Topical therapy is not generally needed, although hot...


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