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Cold Nasal Spray

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Cold nasal spray

Get rid of nasal congestion with a cold nasal spray. Choose from multiple formulas of nasal sprays including severe congestion, no-drip and homeopathic. There are also 12-hour cold nasal sprays that provide extended relief. Select the formula of nasal decongestant spray from brands such as Afrin, Alkalol and Mucinex.

Easy breathing

In addition to cold nasal sprays, there are saline nasal sprays for adults and children to relieve dryness or stuffiness. No-drip formulas are easier to use and you won't have to worry about the spray dripping down your nose or throat. You can also find sinus sprays for those that suffer from hay fever and allergies.

Multi-symptom relief

If you're suffering from more than nasal congestion, we carry a wide range of cold relief medicines. You can find multi-symptom cold medicine that can provide relief for several symptoms with each dose. There are also targeted symptom relief products. There are cold medicines for adults and children, as well as chest rubs and fever relief products.