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Eye Makeup

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Eye makeup

Accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes with eye makeup products. Whether you're looking for a casual weekend look, a professional work look, or a dramatic evening look, has the eye makeup for you. There are several brands of eye makeup from leading brands like Covergirl, Wet 'N Wild and Sally Hansen.

Eye colors

The first step when designing an eye look is to choose your color palette. Choosing eyeshadow colors that work best for your face can be simple. It's easy to think that your eye shadow should match your eye color or the color of your clothing, but choosing a complementary shade is often the most flattering. Earth tones and light pink colors can bring out the blue in your eyes, while purple shades work best for those with hazel or green eyes. Nearly any eye shadow color works well for someone with brown eyes. Within your chosen color palette, you can easily find eye shadow sets that include multiple coordinating shades and an eye shadow brush. Choosing an eye shadow compact that includes colors, makeup applicator, and mirror will give you everything you need to get a great eye look on the go.

Other eye essentials

Once you have chosen the colors for your eye look, take your look to the next level with other eye makeup products. An eyeliner is used to create a line along your lashes to give them more definition. If you're new to using eyeliner, you may want to choose a pencil liner, since pencil eyeliner is easier to use and remove. Liquid eyeliner creates a more precise line and often looks more dramatic. To finish off your new eye look, apply a coat or two of mascara to your lashes.