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Kids Cold OTC Medicine

No exact match for kids cold otc medicine. See partial matches below.

1,846  Items 
1,846  Items 

Kids cold OTC medicine

When your little ones are under the weather, help alleviate congestion, cough and other symptoms. Browse kids cold medicine that does not contain ingredients such as alcohol and aspirin so you can worry less about side effects. You can even make it easier for your kids by choosing a kids cold remedy flavor that they like. Kids cold OTC medicine here at is available from brands such as Mucinex, Similasan and Hyland's.

Finding relief

Choose a kids cold OTC medicine for a specific symptom, or go with multi-symptom relief. Some cough syrup for kids can help loosen mucus for a more productive cough. Other cough remedies for kids include cough suppressant tablets and sore throat relief spray. For a runny nose, there are nasal sprays and sinus wash for kids. Nasal strips can make it easier for them to breathe comfortably throughout the night.

Helping them stay healthy

You have additional options when it comes to helping your kids feel better. Browse steam vaporizers, vapor rubs and other vapor products in different forms and scents. Some even contain ingredients that act as cough suppressants. Humidifiers can also prevent the air in your home from becoming overly dry, and you can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. For your kids' overall health, we also carry children's vitamins in various flavors and types.

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