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Vitamin C

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Vitamin C

Taking vitamin C supplements is an effective way to increase the amount of the vitamin C available to your body. Some studies indicate that vitamin C can help strengthen your immune system. Walgreens carries vitamin C supplements from brands like Nature Made and Finest Natural.

Vitamin C formats

Vitamin C dietary supplements come in a variety of convenient formats. Some of these formats, such as tablets and caplets, are designed to be swallowed. Chewable vitamins are appropriate for children and adults who cannot, or who do not like to, swallow pills. Some of these chewable vitamins come in fruity flavors, such as cherry, to make them more appealing to children. Children's vitamins also come in kid-friendly shapes. Other options for vitamin C supplements include time-release tablets and fizzy drink mix packets. These packets are easy to toss in your purse or bag. When you're ready to take your vitamin C supplement, simply mix the contents of the packet with water. Fruit-flavored vitamin C lozenges have the additional benefit of soothing irritated throats. Whichever format you choose, store the vitamin C in a dark, cool place.

Choosing a vitamin supplement

Always look closely at the label when choosing a vitamin. Vitamin C supplements come in different strengths, ranging from 500 mg to 1000 mg. Because the strength of the vitamin can vary, always follow the directions on the packaging. Some of the supplements contain additional vitamins such as vitamin D and B-complex vitamins. Consult with your medical professional if you have questions or concerns about adding a vitamin supplement, including vitamin C, to your diet.