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Nasal Sprays & Drops Unchecked Box Nasal Sprays & Drops (4)
Sinus Medications Unchecked Box Sinus Medications (3)


Afrin Unchecked Box Afrin (2)
Afrin No Drip Unchecked Box Afrin No Drip (1)
Benzedrex Inhaler Unchecked Box Benzedrex Inhaler (1)
Sinus Buster Unchecked Box Sinus Buster (1)
Walgreens Unchecked Box Walgreens (2)


Allergies Unchecked Box Allergies
Chest congestion Unchecked Box Chest congestion
Colds Unchecked Box Colds
Hay fever Unchecked Box Hay fever
Headache Unchecked Box Headache
Minor aches and pains Unchecked Box Minor aches and pains
Nasal congestion Unchecked Box Nasal congestion
Sinus congestion Unchecked Box Sinus congestion
Sinus headache Unchecked Box Sinus headache
Sinus pressure Checked Box Sinus pressure
Swollen nasal membranes Unchecked Box Swollen nasal membranes

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