Wenzelite Rehab

Forearm Platform Attachment for Glider Walkers 

Wenzelite Rehab Forearm Platform Attachment for...

Size/Count: 1.0 ea


Otter Pediatric Bathing System Large 

Wenzelite Rehab Otter Pediatric Bathing System...

Size/Count: 1.0 ea


Pelvic Stabilizer for Nimbo Posterior Walker 

Wenzelite Rehab Pelvic Stabilizer for Nimbo...

Size/Count: 1.0 ea


Nimbo Rehab Lightweight Posterior Posture Walker YouthCornflower Blue 

Wenzelite Rehab Nimbo Rehab Lightweight Posterior...

Size/Count: 1.0 ea


Trotter Convaid Style Mobility Rehab Stroller 16 inch 

Wenzelite Rehab Trotter Convaid Style Mobility...

Size/Count: 1.0 ea


Basket MSS Tilt and Recline Stroller Base 

Wenzelite Rehab Basket MSS Tilt and Recline...

Size/Count: 1.0 ea


Posterior Safety Rollers TykeRed 

Wenzelite Rehab Posterior Safety Rollers Tyke

Size/Count: 1.0 ea


Nimbo Forearm Platform Attachment Large 

Wenzelite Rehab Nimbo Forearm Platform Attachment...

Size/Count: 1.0 ea

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Bus Transit Tie-Downs for Trotter Convaid Style Mobility Rehab Stroller 

Wenzelite Rehab Bus Transit Tie-Downs for Trotter...

Size/Count: 1.0 ea


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