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Clinical Strength Unchecked Box Clinical Strength (36)
Deodorant Unchecked Box Deodorant (119)
Gels Unchecked Box Gels (39)
Gels for Women Unchecked Box Gels for Women (11)
Men's Body Sprays Unchecked Box Men's Body Sprays (22)
Roll-Ons Unchecked Box Roll-Ons (38)
Solids Unchecked Box Solids (157)
Solids for Women Unchecked Box Solids for Women (13)
Sprays Unchecked Box Sprays (25)
Sprays & Sticks Unchecked Box Sprays & Sticks (16)

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5 Day Unchecked Box 5 Day (1)
AXE Unchecked Box AXE (30)
AXE DRY Unchecked Box AXE DRY (7)
AXE FRESH Unchecked Box AXE FRESH (3)
AXE for Her Unchecked Box AXE for Her (1)
Almay Unchecked Box Almay (2)
Ammens Unchecked Box Ammens (2)
Anti Monkey Butt Unchecked Box Anti Monkey Butt (2)
Arm & Hammer Essentials Unchecked Box Arm & Hammer Essentials (2)
Arm & Hammer Ultramax Unchecked Box Arm & Hammer Ultramax (4)
Armani Code for Men Unchecked Box Armani Code for Men (1)
Arrid Unchecked Box Arrid (2)
Arrid ExtraDry Unchecked Box Arrid ExtraDry (1)
Arrid XX Unchecked Box Arrid XX (5)
Attitude Unchecked Box Attitude (2)
Aubrey Organics Unchecked Box Aubrey Organics (3)
BOD man Unchecked Box BOD man (1)
Balla Unchecked Box Balla (2)
Ban Unchecked Box Ban (16)
Body Fantasies Unchecked Box Body Fantasies (1)
Brut Unchecked Box Brut (10)
Burt's Bees Unchecked Box Burt's Bees (1)
Certain Dri Unchecked Box Certain Dri (3)
Clubman Unchecked Box Clubman (1)
Crystal Unchecked Box Crystal (3)
Crystal essence Unchecked Box Crystal essence (2)
DRY GOODS Unchecked Box DRY GOODS (1)
Dana British Sterling Unchecked Box Dana British Sterling (1)
Dana Canoe Unchecked Box Dana Canoe (1)
Dana English Leather Unchecked Box Dana English Leather (1)
Davidoff Unchecked Box Davidoff (1)
De Odor Works Unchecked Box De Odor Works (1)
Degree Unchecked Box Degree (2)
Degree Men Unchecked Box Degree Men (21)
Degree Men Clinical+ Unchecked Box Degree Men Clinical+ (3)
Degree Women Unchecked Box Degree Women (13)
Degree Women Clinical Protection Unchecked Box Degree Women Clinical Protection (5)
Degree Women Ultra Clear Unchecked Box Degree Women Ultra Clear (1)
Desert Essence Unchecked Box Desert Essence (3)
Designer Imposters Unchecked Box Designer Imposters (2)
Dove Unchecked Box Dove (6)
Dove Advanced Care Unchecked Box Dove Advanced Care (11)
Dove Clinical Protection Unchecked Box Dove Clinical Protection (5)
Dove Invisible Solid Unchecked Box Dove Invisible Solid (1)
Dove Men+Care Unchecked Box Dove Men+Care (11)
Dove go fresh Unchecked Box Dove go fresh (3)
Dove gosleeveless Unchecked Box Dove gosleeveless (3)
Dry Idea Unchecked Box Dry Idea (8)
EO Unchecked Box EO (3)
Earth Science Unchecked Box Earth Science (3)
Elizabeth Arden White Shoulders Unchecked Box Elizabeth Arden White Shoulders (1)
Every Man Jack Unchecked Box Every Man Jack (3)
Fresh Body Unchecked Box Fresh Body (2)
GEODEO Unchecked Box GEODEO (4)
Gillette Unchecked Box Gillette (12)
Gillette Clinical Unchecked Box Gillette Clinical (3)
Gillette MACH3 Unchecked Box Gillette MACH3 (1)
Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio for Men Unchecked Box Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio for Men (1)
Gold Bond Unchecked Box Gold Bond (4)
HBG for Men Unchecked Box HBG for Men (1)
Herban Cowboy Unchecked Box Herban Cowboy (5)
Home Health Unchecked Box Home Health (2)
Honeybee Gardens Unchecked Box Honeybee Gardens (1)
Hyland's Unchecked Box Hyland's (1)
JASON Unchecked Box JASON (2)
Jean Nate Unchecked Box Jean Nate (1)
Johnson's Baby Unchecked Box Johnson's Baby (2)
Keep it Kind Unchecked Box Keep it Kind (2)
Kiss My Face Unchecked Box Kiss My Face (9)
Lady Speed Stick by Mennen Unchecked Box Lady Speed Stick by Mennen (10)
Lafes Natural Body Care Unchecked Box Lafes Natural Body Care (7)
Logona Unchecked Box Logona (1)
Mitchum Unchecked Box Mitchum (16)
Mitchum for Women Unchecked Box Mitchum for Women (12)
NUXE MEN Unchecked Box NUXE MEN (1)
Natural Grooming by Herban Cowboy Unchecked Box Natural Grooming by Herban Cowboy (3)
Natural for Her by Herban Cowboy Unchecked Box Natural for Her by Herban Cowboy (2)
Naturally Fresh Unchecked Box Naturally Fresh (8)
Nature de France Unchecked Box Nature de France (5)
Nature's Gate Unchecked Box Nature's Gate (10)
Neat 3B Unchecked Box Neat 3B (4)
Nullo Unchecked Box Nullo (1)
Old Spice Unchecked Box Old Spice (20)
Old Spice High Endurance Unchecked Box Old Spice High Endurance (9)
Old Spice Red Zone Unchecked Box Old Spice Red Zone (19)
Physicians Prefer Unchecked Box Physicians Prefer (1)
Playboy New York Unchecked Box Playboy New York (1)
Playboy Vegas Unchecked Box Playboy Vegas (1)
Prince Matchabelli Unchecked Box Prince Matchabelli (1)
Raw Materials Unchecked Box Raw Materials (1)
Right Guard Clinical Unchecked Box Right Guard Clinical (1)
Right Guard Sport Unchecked Box Right Guard Sport (12)
Right Guard Total Defense 5 Unchecked Box Right Guard Total Defense 5 (9)
Right Guard Xtreme Unchecked Box Right Guard Xtreme (7)
Sante Unchecked Box Sante (3)
Secret Unchecked Box Secret (36)
Secret Clinical Strength Unchecked Box Secret Clinical Strength (24)
Secret Fresh Effects Unchecked Box Secret Fresh Effects (1)
Secret Scent Expressions Unchecked Box Secret Scent Expressions (10)
Shower to Shower Unchecked Box Shower to Shower (3)
Smart Health Unchecked Box Smart Health (1)
SoapMe with Nature Unchecked Box SoapMe with Nature (1)
Soft & Dri Unchecked Box Soft & Dri (6)
Speed Stick by Mennen Unchecked Box Speed Stick by Mennen (27)
Studio 35 Unchecked Box Studio 35 (4)
Suave Unchecked Box Suave (14)
Suave Naturals Unchecked Box Suave Naturals (2)
Summer's Eve Unchecked Box Summer's Eve (3)
Sure Unchecked Box Sure (8)
Tabac Original by Maurer & Wirtz Unchecked Box Tabac Original by Maurer & Wirtz (1)
Thai Deodorant Stone Unchecked Box Thai Deodorant Stone (3)
The Decent Man's Grooming Tools Unchecked Box The Decent Man's Grooming Tools (2)
Tisserand Aromatherapy Unchecked Box Tisserand Aromatherapy (2)
Tom's of Maine Unchecked Box Tom's of Maine (18)
Vichy Laboratoires Unchecked Box Vichy Laboratoires (1)
Yodora Unchecked Box Yodora (1)
Zion Health Unchecked Box Zion Health (7)
dermalogica Unchecked Box dermalogica (1)
hellomellow fellow Unchecked Box hellomellow fellow (1)

Special Values

Special Values
FSA Item Unchecked Box FSA Item
Loyalty Points Eligible Unchecked Box Loyalty Points Eligible
New Item Unchecked Box New Item
Sale, BOGO & Rebates Unchecked Box Sale, BOGO & Rebates
Web Exclusive Unchecked Box Web Exclusive

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Skin Type
All Unchecked Box All

Deodorant & Antiperspirant

Body odor can be an embarrassing problem that leaves you feeling less than fresh and self-conscious, but with Walgreens Deodorant & Antiperspirant Products, you can make sure you smell your best all day. With a wide selection of sticks, powders and sprays, you are sure to find plenty of options to combat odors and wetness at Walgreens in-store or online. READ MORE ABOUT DEODORANT & ANTIPERSPIRANT »

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617  Items

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Learn More About Deodorant & Antiperspirant

When you become overheated, your body releases sweat from your pores as a natural response. As sweat evaporates, it cools the skin, helping to keep your body temperature from rising too sharply. Many people mistakenly believe that it's sweat that causes body odor, but that's not really the case. Sweat actually doesn't have much of a scent. However, dampness and heat attract bacteria. It's these microbes that have a foul smell and why sweat typically only has a foul odor in certain areas where bacteria are more likely to grow. Antiperspirant and deodorant products for men and women are designed for the underarms because the warmth and darkness of the area and the wetness of sweat make the area most prone to odors.

Deodorant and antiperspirant are sometimes used as interchangeable terms, but they are actually different types of body odor-fighting products. Deodorant is meant to deal with the actual smell that comes with sweating. Since bacteria are responsible for the odor, deodorant contains ingredients that fight bacteria. These include salts, mild acids and other types of materials that create an unfriendly environment for bacteria. Many deodorants have fragrances of their own that also improve the smell of the underarms.

An antiperspirant product is not meant to combat odor. Instead, antiperspirants help to control wetness and keep the skin dry. When applied to the underarms, an antiperspirant temporarily clogs up the pores, allowing less sweat to be released. This keeps you from developing wet marks on your shirts, sweaters or blouses. By decreasing the amount of wetness, antiperspirant also reduces the amount of bacteria that grow in the underarm area, which decreases the chances of body odors. Like deodorants, antiperspirant products are often scented.

Men and women have different body chemistries, and as a result, most deodorants and antiperspirants are made for men or for women. You'll find deodorants and antiperspirants available on the market as well as formulas that include both deodorant and antiperspirant ingredients, making them capable of fighting bacteria and wetness. There are many types of deodorants and antiperspirants, including sprays, roll-ons that are liquid based, clear gels and solids. You can also find body powders for absorbing moisture in other areas of the body and spray deodorants made for other parts. Many products come in multiple fragrances, allowing you to choose the one that is most pleasing to you.

Explore the Walgreens Deodorants and Antiperspirants department to find the best body odor protection for your needs. BACK TO TOP »

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