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Incontinence is an embarrassing problem, but it's far from uncommon. Many people deal with incontinence related to short-term problems or long-term medical conditions. To meet the needs of those with incontinence, Walgreens offers a wide range of Incontinence Products to meet your specific need. When you find the right incontinence solutions for your needs, you can worry less about your bladder or bowel control problems and get back to enjoying life. READ MORE ABOUT INCONTINENCE »

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560  Items

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Learn more about Incontinence

Incontinence can have many different causes. Women may develop urinary incontinence due to changes in the strength of the muscles supporting the bladder sometimes caused by pregnancy and childbirth. For men, incontinence can be related to infections of the prostate, prostate enlargement and other concerns. Some people develop urinary and fecal incontinence due to nerve or muscle damage. Bowel control problems can also be a result of stomach problems like chronic constipation or diarrhea. By understanding the cause of your incontinence concerns, you can make a better decision about which products are right for you. For example, if you're a woman suffering from urine leakage when you cough or laugh due to weak pelvic floor muscles (stress incontinence), you may only need light protection when you're away from home. Consider your needs carefully to determine which type of incontinence product is best for your lifestyle.

Protection products for incontinence are designed to absorb urine, feces or both and to keep waste away from your skin and off of your clothes until you can make it to a bathroom. Protective underwear for women and briefs for men are among the most commonly used types of protection. These undergarments are worn instead of or in addition to your underwear and have absorbent cores. Incontinence pads attach to your underwear to capture urine leakage or accidents. For very light protection, pantyliners or lightweight pads are often sufficient and are very thin for a comfortable fit. Protective undergarments and pads come in different lengths, sizes and shapes to suit every body type and every individual's incontinence concerns.

In addition to protection products, you can find a number of after care products for use following an accident. Cleansing sprays, liquids and wipes can be used to freshen the private area, so that you can feel clean until it is time to bathe. With chronic incontinence problems, the skin may become irritated due to exposure to bacteria and moisture. Rashes can be addressed through special ointments that soothe irritation. Barrier creams are also available to reduce the effects of wetness on the skin.

If you're caring for a relative on bed rest or you have a mobility problem that makes it difficult for you to get to the bathroom in a timely manner, bedpans and urinals can be used to prevent accidents. These products can be kept near a bed, a chair or another convenient location for when they are needed. Many different sizes and types are available, and there are even products designed for use away from home.

While you can manage the symptoms of incontinence with Walgreens Incontinence Products, it is important that you talk about what you're experiencing with your doctor. There may be other interventions available to help lessen your symptoms along with personal care solutions. BACK TO TOP »

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