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Product Type
9 Volt Unchecked Box 9 Volt (4)
AA Batteries Unchecked Box AA Batteries (8)
AAA Batteries Unchecked Box AAA Batteries (7)
Accessory Kits Unchecked Box Accessory Kits (1)
Air Beds Unchecked Box Air Beds (1)
Air Fresheners and Refills Unchecked Box Air Fresheners and Refills (7)
Bath Sponges, Brushes & Accessories Unchecked Box Bath Sponges, Brushes & Accessories (1)
Bath Tissue Unchecked Box Bath Tissue (1)
Bathroom Cleaners Unchecked Box Bathroom Cleaners (4)
Battery Chargers Unchecked Box Battery Chargers (1)
Beds Unchecked Box Beds (1)
Blank Media Unchecked Box Blank Media (3)
Blankets, Throws & Pillows Unchecked Box Blankets, Throws & Pillows (1)
Blenders, Hand Mixers & Juicers Unchecked Box Blenders, Hand Mixers & Juicers (1)
Bluetooth Headsets Unchecked Box Bluetooth Headsets (2)
Bluetooth Speaker Unchecked Box Bluetooth Speaker (1)
C Batteries Unchecked Box C Batteries (4)
Cat Food Unchecked Box Cat Food (1)
Cat Health Care Unchecked Box Cat Health Care (3)
Cell Phone Accessories Unchecked Box Cell Phone Accessories (4)
Chocolate - Bag Unchecked Box Chocolate - Bag (2)
Chocolate - Bar Unchecked Box Chocolate - Bar (2)
Cleaning Equipment Unchecked Box Cleaning Equipment (3)
Coffee Makers & Grinders Unchecked Box Coffee Makers & Grinders (2)
Cookware/Bakeware Unchecked Box Cookware/Bakeware (1)
Crayons Unchecked Box Crayons (1)
Cushions, Pillows & Covers Unchecked Box Cushions, Pillows & Covers (3)
D Batteries Unchecked Box D Batteries (5)
Detergents Unchecked Box Detergents (3)
Dishwashing Detergents Unchecked Box Dishwashing Detergents (1)
Disinfectants & Cleaners Unchecked Box Disinfectants & Cleaners (4)
Dog Chews Unchecked Box Dog Chews (1)
Dog Health Care Unchecked Box Dog Health Care (13)
Dog Leashes and Collars Unchecked Box Dog Leashes and Collars (1)
Dog Snacks & Treats Unchecked Box Dog Snacks & Treats (5)
Dog Training Unchecked Box Dog Training (1)
Dog Treats Unchecked Box Dog Treats (1)
Earbuds Unchecked Box Earbuds (3)
Electronic Games Unchecked Box Electronic Games (1)
Fabric Fresheners Unchecked Box Fabric Fresheners (1)
Facial Tissue Unchecked Box Facial Tissue (5)
Flashlights & Lanterns Unchecked Box Flashlights & Lanterns (1)
Flea Unchecked Box Flea (1)
Folders/Book & Report Covers Unchecked Box Folders/Book & Report Covers (1)
Food & Beverage Containers Unchecked Box Food & Beverage Containers (1)
Food Storage Containers Unchecked Box Food Storage Containers (1)
Gadgets & Utensils Unchecked Box Gadgets & Utensils (1)
Grooming Unchecked Box Grooming (14)
Health Care Unchecked Box Health Care (1)
Heavy Duty Bath Benches Unchecked Box Heavy Duty Bath Benches (1)
Hydration Bottles Unchecked Box Hydration Bottles (1)
Indoor Pest Control Unchecked Box Indoor Pest Control (2)
Ironing Needs Unchecked Box Ironing Needs (1)
Jar Candle Unchecked Box Jar Candle (1)
Jar Candles Unchecked Box Jar Candles (17)
Laundry Unchecked Box Laundry (1)
Lunch Bags & Boxes Unchecked Box Lunch Bags & Boxes (1)
Lunch Totes & Accessories Unchecked Box Lunch Totes & Accessories (3)
Lunch Totes & Bags Unchecked Box Lunch Totes & Bags (1)
Over the Head Headphones Unchecked Box Over the Head Headphones (9)
Paper Towels Unchecked Box Paper Towels (1)
Pens Unchecked Box Pens (1)
Pet Clean Up Unchecked Box Pet Clean Up (2)
Pet Food Unchecked Box Pet Food (3)
Replaces 100-125 Watt Unchecked Box Replaces 100-125 Watt (1)
Replaces 75 Watt Unchecked Box Replaces 75 Watt (1)
Self-Stick Notes Unchecked Box Self-Stick Notes (3)
Shower & Bath Accessories Unchecked Box Shower & Bath Accessories (2)
Shower Seats Unchecked Box Shower Seats (2)
Small Appliances and Housewares Unchecked Box Small Appliances and Housewares (1)
Speakers Unchecked Box Speakers (3)
Tape & Adhesive Unchecked Box Tape & Adhesive (1)
Telephones & Accessories Unchecked Box Telephones & Accessories (2)
Toiletries Unchecked Box Toiletries (2)
Tools, Fasteners & Repair Kits Unchecked Box Tools, Fasteners & Repair Kits (2)
Totes & Bags Unchecked Box Totes & Bags (2)
Training Pads Unchecked Box Training Pads (1)
Transparent Tape Unchecked Box Transparent Tape (2)
Travel Pillow Unchecked Box Travel Pillow (3)
Washable Underpads Unchecked Box Washable Underpads (1)
Watch/Electronic Unchecked Box Watch/Electronic (2)
Water Storage Container Unchecked Box Water Storage Container (1)


Able Planet Unchecked Box Able Planet (10)
Duracell Unchecked Box Duracell (14)
Living Solutions Unchecked Box Living Solutions (6)
Nutri-Vet Unchecked Box Nutri-Vet (8)
Patriot Candles Unchecked Box Patriot Candles (18)
Pet Shoppe Unchecked Box Pet Shoppe (14)
Pet Silk Unchecked Box Pet Silk (7)
Renuzit Unchecked Box Renuzit (7)
Tech & Go Unchecked Box Tech & Go (8)
Walgreens Unchecked Box Walgreens (7)

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Special Values

Special Values
Auto-Reorder & Save Unchecked Box Auto-Reorder & Save
FSA Item Unchecked Box FSA Item
FSARx Item Unchecked Box FSARx Item

Designates items eligible for your Flexible Spending Account only with prescription.

Loyalty Points Eligible Unchecked Box Loyalty Points Eligible
New Item Unchecked Box New Item
Sale, BOGO & Rebates Checked Box Sale, BOGO & Rebates
Vitamin Angels Unchecked Box Vitamin Angels

Walgreens will donate 1% of every item purchased to Vitamin Angels and help 100 million children and mothers recieve life-changing vitamins by 2017.

Web Exclusive Unchecked Box Web Exclusive


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