Protective Treatments to Strengthen and Shine

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Protective Treatments to Strengthen and Shine

Everyday perils like wind, sun, and styling tools can harm delicate tresses. Discover which treatments can help restore hair's health and strength, leaving you with beautiful locks in any situation.

Brave the Wild
Cold temperatures and wind can break hair, which in turn leads to frizz, static, and dullness. Heavy sun exposure dries out hair, weakening its overall strength and elasticity. Also, free radicals and pollution can damage hair cells. Hair treatments fight these environmental threats by hydrating hair and locking in moisture while bolstering hair strength. Enriched with Bio-Ceramides, EverStrong Deep Replenishing Masque helps strengthen and nourish strands, leaving hair soft, shiny and more resistant to breakage.

Triumph Over Styling Damage
Heated styling tools zap moisture, while overly enthusiastic brushing can wear away hair's protective cuticles. Dyes, perms, and relaxers can also damage hair. To combat these harmful effects, choose treatments designed to smooth, strengthen, and moisturize hair, leaving it more manageable and beautiful. EverStrong Overnight Repair Treatment penetrates hair fiber while you sleep, so you'll wake to stronger, silkier locks-even after a single use!

Color Perfect
Color-treated hair needs special care. Choose treatments specially formulated to deeply nourish strands while preventing fade-out. EverPure deep conditioners are available in several formulations, so you can choose the one for your specific hair type. Dry locks will benefit from EverPure Moisture Deep Restorative Masque, while frizz-prone follicles will morph from unmanageable to sleek with the Smooth Deep Control Masque.

See for Yourself
Discover how EverStrong and EverPure treatments can nourish, protect, and illuminate your locks, leaving you at your most radiant.

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