Learn How To Keep Your Color Looking Its Best

Perfect Root Touch Ups

Learn How to Keep Your Color Looking Its Best

Freshen Your Roots
Hair grows about one-half inch per month, so roots will start to become visible three to four weeks after you've colored your hair. Use Root RescueTM 10 minute root coloring kit to touch-up your roots in between colorings. The Quick Precision Applicator makes application fast, precise, and easy. With Root RescueTM you can color only where you need it: along the part, hairline and temples. The 12 shades are guaranteed to match at-home and even salon color. Touching up your roots keeps the color looking brand new and is quick and easy. Three to four weeks after using Root RescueTM it will be time to use an all-over color again to refresh your entire color.

Brighten Your Highlights
When your highlights start growing out, you can easily keep them looking fresh by touching up the roots. Remember that if you highlight over existing highlights, they will get even brighter and will become over processed and possibly damaged. To make sure highlights are even from the root to the tip, apply mixture generously to the uncolored root and apply sparingly on the rest of the strand. Also keep in mind that while many highlight colors may seem the same, the best way to achieve a perfect, even match is to reapply with your L'Oréal Paris color of choice.

Protect Your Locks from the Elements
It's helpful to use hair products that contain UV filters, like EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care. Similar to how a sunscreen helps protect your skin, UV filters in hair products will help protect your color from fading or turning brassy because of the sun. In addition, try covering your hair as often as possible when outdoors, using hats or scarves.

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