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What can I use for bloodshot eyes?


An individual's eyes can become bloodshot for various reasons, including exposure to airborne pollutants, allergies, contact lens wear, and swimming in chlorinated water. Certain over-the-counter products may be used to temporarily relieve bloodshot eyes caused by minor irritation or allergies. Read product labels carefully to make sure you select the appropriate one for your symptoms, or ask your pharmacist for assistance.

In general, these products should be used only on a short-term basis (no longer than three days). Long-term use of these products should be avoided because they can mask the symptoms of a serious problem and may delay necessary medical treatment. Therefore, if eye redness persists after three days of use, a physician should be consulted since an underlying condition may be responsible for the eye redness.

Note: These agents should never be used by individuals with narrow-angle glaucoma.

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