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Your business is as healthy as your employees.
Your employees are the engine of your organization. You count on them to keep your business running smoothly. It makes good sense to keep them healthy and productive. And Walgreens can play an important strategic role in maximizing workforce productivity by providing healthcare and pharmacy services for small businesses and corporations. Our comprehensive services are accessible to everyone, offering you the ability to control costs while improving employee health.
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Retail Pharmacy Services ››

Our pharmacists engage with patients on a much deeper level, providing one-on-one care that goes well beyond their traditional role-filling important gaps in care:

Specialty and Infusion Services ››

Walgreens is a leading provider of injectable, infused, inhaled and oral specialty medications. We offer infusion services in homes and at special infusion centers across the country.

Workplace Health ››

Through a full-service workplace health center on campus, employees can have highly convenient access to a comprehensive suite of offerings, including primary care, pharmacy, occupational health, physical therapy, and more.*
Make health a top priority.
With a long history of innovation, unsurpassed operational expertise and a dedication to clinical excellence, Walgreens can help you:
  • Improve employee health and productivity
  • Control overall healthcare costs
  • Minimize administrative burden
  • Attract and retain good talent
  • Track outcomes to demonstrate savings and improvements in care
*Take Care Employer Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of Premise Health, operates and provides management services for worksite health and wellness centers. All medical services at the health and wellness centers are provided by licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, or other healthcare professionals.

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