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Health System Services - Team of clinicians in hospital setting
Care that doesn't let you go without.
Walgreens understands that quality care needs to be convenient, consistent and cost-effective for patients to advance in their recovery - and to reduce avoidable readmissions. Our outpatient pharmacy services provide a continuum of care that responds to the whole person and creates a valuable bridge in transitioning patients into the community.
Accessible care is key:

Outpatient Pharmacy »

Operating more than 100 outpatient pharmacies in hospitals and medical office buildings that are affiliated with leading health systems. These full-service locations also provide valuable access to specialty medications.

340B Complete® »

Delivering a well-established, field-tested system of inventory control and reporting for safety-net 340B providers - focusing on compliance, optimal patient health outcomes and total pharmacy spend.
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Walgreens is first to introduce online pharmacist profiles.

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