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Outpatient Pharmacy - Walgreens pharmacist at hospital bedside of patient
Partnering with the nation's leading pharmacy operator.
Outpatient pharmacy operations require specialized expertise and resources that are oftentimes disproportionate, relative to a hospital's core business. Walgreens leverages its expertise in pharmacy operations to provide outpatient pharmacy services that help health systems address business challenges ranging from medication adherence to hospital readmissions to cost containment. With 100-plus hospital pharmacy locations across the country, we've clearly demonstrated our effectiveness as outpatient operators.
Exceptional pharmacy services for leading health systems:
  • Trust. Walgreens is a reliable name that patients know and trust. Our pharmacy expertise gives hospitals confidence knowing their patients are receiving excellent care.
  • Touch. We offer a more personalized clinical experience that improves patient and provider understanding of medications, including access to customized and specialty drugs.
  • Team. In collaboration with hospital staff, we help resolve medication issues and provide expertise on complex therapies and treatmentall to produce better outcomes.
  • Timely. With expertise in billing and insurance, staff and patients better understand coverage levels, and reimbursement is more accurate and timely.
  • Together. With a designated point person from Walgreens, we partner with the hospital discharge planner to make a patient's transition into the community more effective.
Meeting you where you're at.
Our outpatient pharmacies are seamlessly connected to nearly 8,000 Walgreens community pharmacies, enabling clear continuity in patient prescription management from hospital into the community.
A healthy advantage.
Walgreens outpatient pharmacy solutions are designed to address all of the pharmacy related challenges facing your health system. Our pharmacists work on the front line to control costs, reconcile and align medications, ensure accurate first-fills and improve medication possession ratios. They provide bedside education and counseling to help reduce the clinical and financial impacts of non-adherence. In a pay-for-quality environment, connectivity is key: a stronger connection between inpatient and outpatient settings improves outcomes and reduces costs.
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