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90-Day Supply at Retail - Walgreens pharmacist discusses medication with patient
High on adherence. Low on cost.
Adding value to your members' care while reducing medical costs can now be achieved in the actual volume of drugs that are dispensed. The Walgreens Max90TM program allows members to purchase 90-day prescriptions-which have shown to improve adherence, leading to better health outcomes. On top of that, it's a flexible, cost-efficient, multi-channel way to access prescriptions-through retail, online or mobile channels or traditional mail channels.
See how the bottom line comes out on top.
  • Lower pharmacy spend. For plans that offered multiple channels for a 90-day supply, our analysis found that plan costs were $23 lower per member per year compared to plans that offered 30-day only at retail with 90-day in the mail channel1.
  • Lift in generics. Walgreens has seen a 4% lift in use of generic drugs when offering 90-day prescriptions at retail versus 30-day2.
Dispensing higher member satisfaction:
Convenient access
Quick, convenient, access to a pharmacy-some even open 24 hours-means patients will never be without medication. Members can quickly fill new prescriptions and make any changes to medication immediately.

Streamlined technology
Our database allows us to: set the patient's preference for 90-day, determine which prescriptions are eligible for 90-day, and convert prescriptions from 30-day right on the spot. The network is programmed to activate alerts of any approved generics, enabling us to deliver higher generic utilization.
The 90-Day difference.
When you add up improved adherence and cost savings, it equals higher member satisfaction.

For more information about 90-day prescriptions, contact a Walgreens Solutions Expert.

1 Based on 2011 Walgreens national consumer research.
2 Based on Walgreens Community Pharmacy Book of Business.
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