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Pharmacy Centers of Excellence - Walgreens pharmacist discussing HIV medication
Specialized care where it's needed most.
Walgreens has created more than 600 Centers of Excellence in strategically located communities throughout the nation. These centers are staffed by specially trained pharmacists and offer core services like HIV/AIDS care and compounding-to support the particular needs of their local communities. Their healing presence in the community is valuable and necessary for the ongoing treatment of chronic illnesses.
HIV Centers of Excellence highlights:
  • Comprehensive Patient View. Ensure precise drug therapies with an integrated system showing one single patient profile, including patient medical history, doctor names, prescriptions, diseases and pharmacy locations.
  • Education. HIV/AIDS-trained pharmacists are trained at the University of Buffalo, with expertise in adherence, medication regimens and counseling, cultural competency, and provider collaboration.
  • High Medication Possession Ratio. MPR research has shown significantly higher rates in patients who used Walgreens community HIV-Specialized Pharmacies1.
  • Personalized Care. Discreet and complete one-on-one medication consultation and adherence assessment with HIV/AIDS patients - either at a pharmacy or over the phone, 24/72.
  • Financial Guidance. Assist patients with complex health insurance billing, such as ADAP and SPAP.
  • Community Partnerships. A resource to promote knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS, to contribute to wellness and prevention.
Compounding Centers of Excellence highlights:
Customized Medications. When it comes to compounded medications, the "one-size-fits-all" theory does not hold true since individual patients may have unique medication needs. Based on consultation between the prescriber, patient and pharmacist, Walgreens can compound-or customize-medications to meet those unique needs and achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

  • - Ability to create medications that may not be commercially available due to low consumer demand or limited supply.
  • - Electronic adjudication for all compounded medications.
  • - More than 15,000 standardized compounding recipes provide medication consistency.

Compounding Support. Provided by the Walgreens Compound Resource Center and includes research, recipe development, training, standardized policies and procedures and compliance to all current USP 795 compounding standards.

Education. Specially trained pharmacists educate members on their medication regimen to help increase adherence, leading to improved health outcomes.

Access. 78% of the U.S. population lives within 15 miles of one of the nearly 700 Walgreens Compounding Centers of Excellence, providing broad access to enhanced services through our specially trained and certified pharmacists.

Basic Compounding Services. Available at all of the nearly 8,000 Walgreens community pharmacies-with longer hours and more 24-hour locations than independent pharmacies.
Benefits that pay off.
By structuring benefits to incentivize patients through Walgreens Centers of Excellence, payers have the opportunity to improve adherence to the complex medication regimens associated with such chronic illnesses as HIV/AIDS-which can result in better care and significant cost savings.

For more information about our Centers of Excellence, contact a Walgreens Solutions Expert.

1 Cocohoba/ISPOR. 90% MPR vs. 77% MPR for patients using non-specialized pharmacies (P<.0001) with four months longer persistence.
2 Patients must opt in to the adherence program to have access to these services.
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