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Prescriptions that deliver in every way.
In providing a pharmacy benefit, payers should include all delivery channels to best serve their members and employees, and mail order prescription service should be part of that channel mix. It's one of many options for consumers to get the prescriptions they need to stay on their therapies. Walgreens Mail Pharmacy can help both PBMs and employers provide a complete mail offering to their members and employees. When you offer our mail service, you make it your own, immediately adding an advanced, highly automated mail operation to your service mix.
Experience fills the order.
With more than 25 years of mail order prescription operations, Walgreens has developed a proven system that's fully integrated with all of our community pharmacies - so the pharmacist can track mail orders and stay on top of members' prescriptions. With our reliable infrastructure, we deliver millions of prescriptions by mail to customers. We offer everything you need:
  • Clinical expertise
  • Customer service
  • Operational support
  • Robust technology
  • Ordering and tracking
  • Inventory and facilities
Sign on to better member benefits.
Order refills by phone, online or in person and get access to refills and emergency supplies at any Walgreens pharmacy, easing prescription transfers.

Seek counsel online and over the phone from our pharmacists 24/7, and at our community locations during pharmacy hours.

Get a single comprehensive record of prescribed and dispensed mail order medicines, which helps to manage adherence and avoid drug interactions.
Walgreens Mail Pharmacy allows you to:

  • Make your product mix even more attractive to payers and members
  • Avoid substantial capital investment
  • Get real-time access to prescription details with PromiseNet"
  • Private label our proprietary mail service
Let us develop a program structured to fit the specific needs of your clients.
Specialty Medicine Solutions

Walgreens delivers specialty medicines to the home, physician's office and other locations, such as a Walgreens Specialty Care Center, to provide a more comfortable choice for your members.

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