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Specialty Pharmacy - Patient receiving infusion treatment at Walgreens Specialty Care Center
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Walgreens is the strategic partner of choice for specialty pharmacy services.
  • Delivery to the home, physician's office or other locations, such as a Walgreens Specialty Care Center, to provide a more comfortable choice for your members
  • Multidisciplinary teams to help manage and care for patients
  • 24/7 clinical support for patients and providers
  • Therapy management programs with demonstrated outcomes
  • Local nursing support for administering medications and training for injections
  • Access to a breadth of limited-distribution drugs
  • Payer-based reimbursement teams with expertise across medical and pharmacy benefits
  • Care for adult and pediatric patients
Care within reach.
Walgreens specialty services are conveniently available to your members in person through community retail pharmacies and local specialty pharmacies as well as by telephone via our centralized fulfillment pharmacies. So your members enjoy both choice and easy access to specialty medications, including limited-distribution drugs.
Support that matters.
As a top provider of specialty pharmacy services, Walgreens offers unparalleled access to more than 1,000 specialty drugs and more than 120 limited distribution drugs, including several exclusive and local-level drugs. As medication administration becomes increasingly complex, we're here to support you. Our coordinated patient management model gives you the flexibility to facilitate care in multiple ACHC- and URAC-accredited treatment locations - expertly delivered by our trained clinicians using established evidence-based guidelines.


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