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Putting good health to work.
Workplace healthcare is an innovative solution for employers that helps improve the cost and quality of employee healthcare and build a healthier, more productive workforce. With a full-service workplace health center on campus, employees have highly convenient access to a comprehensive suite of offerings, including occupational health, primary care, health coaching and wellness, condition management, Patient-Centered Medical Home, pharmacy, physical therapy, fitness, dental, vision and telehealth.
Formed through the merger of CHS Health Services and Take Care Employer Solutions, Premise Health now operates more than 500 worksite health centers nationally across all industries. These worksite locations serve more than 200 corporations, including a significant number of the Fortune 1000.
As a strategic partner of Premise Health, Walgreens continues to fully operate and staff its pharmacies within the workplace health centers. In addition to the same high-quality, face-to-face care customers expect from their retail locations, the workplace Walgreens pharmacists use their in-depth knowledge of company health plans to help promote programs that can improve health and lead to cost savings.
Together, Premise Health and Walgreens will work with you to customize a workplace solution that fits within your company's unique needs.
Ready to learn more about workplace healthcare? Contact a Walgreens Solutions Representative (hyperlink to contact us page).
For more information about Premise Health, visit premisehealth.com.

Take Care Employer Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of Premise Health, operates and provides management services for worksite health and wellness centers. All medical services at the health and wellness centers are provided by licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, or other healthcare professionals.

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