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  • Specialty Pharmacy

    Specialty Pharmacy

    Spending on Specialty drugs is projected to increase by more than 20% per year in 2012, and to 40% of 2014 drug spend in the United States.

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  • Outpatient Pharmacy

    Outpatient Pharmacies

    Hospital readmissions are costly. For every 1,000 patients, a hospital can expect annual avoidable readmission-related costs of $962,000.

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  • Infusion Services

    Infusion Services

    Walgreens manages over 55,000 IG infusions each year. We can significantly reduce the costly incidence of adverse reactions.

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  • Community Pharmacy

    Community Pharmacies

    Groups enrolled in Max90TM demonstrate a rate of generic utilization that is higher by 8.7% when compared with Mail generic utilization.

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  • Immunization Services


    Walgreens pharmacists successfully identify and immunize at-risk patients.

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White Paper:
Small Steps, Big Benefits

Improve population health and reduce costs by incentivizing members to make healthy choices

Case Study:
Driving Adherence through 90-Day Fills at Retail

An expanded Max90 program for Navitus was instituted at the beginning of 2010... More

Clinical Data:
Outcomes Research Brief on Immunizations

When pharmacists in community pharmacies provide vaccinations, they can enhance immunization rates, especially for chronic, at-risk patients... More

Better Access
Better Access

70% of Americans live within 5 miles of a Walgreens community pharmacy.

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Better Value
Better Value

For every $1 invested in workplace healthcare, employers can yield $2 to $4 in savings

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Better Care
Better Care

Over 73,000 healthcare professionals make up the Walgreens team.

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