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Frequently Asked Questions

Once my prescriptions are with Walgreens, where can I find benefit information?

Your medication benefits will still be managed by Prime Therapeutics. To find and manage your benefits, visit

Where can I find drug pricing and copay details?

Your copay and drug pricing information can be found with your benefit information at

Where can I find my drug history?

To find the prescription records for any medications managed with your previous pharmacy, please contact them. Also, visit Print Rx Records for any medications managed with Walgreens.

My insurance still says "Pending". Why is it taking so long to process?

If your insurance is still shown as "Pending" we will have it updated within the next two days. If you have questions, you may call 888-211-9028.

Why can't I see my Prime prescriptions yet on

If you completed the action above to "Access PrimeMail Rx", you have Previous Pharmacy prescriptions with refills remaining and you don't see them in the "Previous Pharmacy" section of Your Prescriptions, please call 888-211-9028..

Why can't I add family members?

You'll soon be able to add family members. You can either check back in a few weeks to add family members to your Prime prescriptions or call 888-211-9028.