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Balance Rewards for healthy choices®

Psst... You can earn points for health goals. Start tracking.
Psst... You can earn points for health goals. Start tracking.

You're putting in the work, now it's time to reap the rewards. Track healthy behaviors to earn Balance® Rewards points & save money on Walgreens purchases.

Here's How to Earn Points:

Get Balance® Rewards points for setting and achieving goals and daily tracking.1 Learn more ›

Set a healthy goal

250 points/new goal2


Achieve a healthy goal

250 points/new goal3


Link an app or device

250 points/device or app4

Walk, run or cycle

20 points/mile5


Exercise activities

20 points/daily log6



20 points/daily log7


Test blood pressure

20 points/daily log8

Monitor blood glucose

20 points/daily log9


Quit tobacco with NRT

20 points/daily log10

Achieve Goals with Your Digital Health Advisor. Powered by WebMD.(R) Get started.

Earn Automagically!

Track and earn points automatically with new health apps and devices. Find an app or device right for you and get 250 points just for connecting!1

Earn Automagically!
Earn Automagically!
Manage Your Condition with Ease

Manage Your Condition with Ease

Connect a glucometer or blood pressure monitor to get an automatic record of your results. The best part? You'll earn points along the way, every day.1

Manage Your Condition with Ease

Get Expert Advice

1 Limitations apply to earning points.

2 Available only for first-time goals set for Your Digital Heath Advisor, Pledge to Quit and Set a Quit Date goals.

3 Limit 250 points awarded per month per goal achieved.

4 One-time reward per device, maximum 500 points per month.

5 Limit 20 points per mile, 1000 points per month.

6 Limit 20 points per daily activity.

7 Limit 20 points per daily weigh-in logged.

8 Limit 20 points per blood pressure test, one log per day.

9 Limit 20 points per blood glucose test, two logs per day.

10 Daily limit of 20 points logging nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) use (1/day)

11 Your Digital Health Advisor is an online resource provided by WebMD in connection with Walgreens that provides a digital coaching experience similar to one-on-one health coaching. Any recommendations provided by Your Digital Health Advisor are for educational purposes only and do not constitute professional medical advice. Daily and monthly reward limits apply. Complete details at

Information provided to Walgreens online is covered by the terms of our Online Privacy and Security Policy and the terms and conditions of Balance Rewards.