Beauty Gift Sets

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Beauty Gift Sets at Walgreens

Looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion? Treat that special someone to a gift of beauty with an attractively packaged set from Walgreens. We stock a wide range of beauty gift sets for men and women with something that is just right for every occasion and every shopping budget.

Experiment with New Looks

Makeup gift sets are popular options for teens and women. These kits typically include a collection of cosmetics that can be mixed and matched to create different looks for day or night. Some kits include makeup for one part of the face like the eyes or lips, while others combine different types of cosmetics for a complete makeover. You can also purchase tool kits filled with brushes, applicators and other accessories that make applying cosmetics easier. Cosmetics gift sets aren't just for gift giving either. They can be a great way to expand your own makeup collection and discover new colors to accentuate your eyes, bring a pretty flush to your cheeks and perfect your pout.

Experience New Scents

Gifts of scent are great for men and women, and fragrance gift sets are the perfect way to treat someone special to a new perfume or cologne. There are a number of different types of fragrance gift sets available. Some include travel and full-size bottles of the same fragrance, giving the recipient of your gift something to use at home and on the go. Others combine a bottle of perfume or cologne with skin, bath and body products in a matching scent.

These kits make it possible to fill multiple steps of a skin and body care routine with a pleasing fragrance. You can also find sampler fragrance sets that include bottles of different perfumes or colognes offered by a particular brand. These sets are a great option if you're unsure what type of fragrance your gift recipient prefers.

Pamper Them from Head to Toe

Know someone who deserves some special pampering? Consider a gift set filled with bath and body products. You can find sets and kits to suit every need and taste. Give some special a set filled with soothing bath products that encourage rest and relaxation or luxurious body lotions and creams for promoting soft, silky skin. Natural gift sets are a great choice for those who are eco minded, as they include products that contain more plant and mineral-based ingredients than synthetics.

Bring the Salon Home

With beauty gift sets, you can bring the salon or spa right to the home. Choose a nail gift set for perfect mani-pedis or a hair care gift set to help promote lush, healthy locks. Facial skin care sets can provide the basics for a daily skin care routine or treatment products that address specific dermatological concerns. Consider treating yourself to nail, hair and facial skin care sets to make shopping for the beauty products a quick and easy task.