Natural and Organic Beauty Products

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Natural and Organic Beauty Products at Walgreens

If you're striving to use fewer synthetic ingredients as a part of your daily routine, you may struggle to find products that suit your green philosophy. Fortunately, Walgreens has you covered with our curated selection of natural and organic beauty products that includes solutions for your entire family and is available online and in stores.

Natural vs Organic

Natural and organic are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they do have different meanings.

Beauty products that are labeled as natural contain fewer synthetic ingredients than their conventional counterparts. Manufacturers typically substitute minerals, herbal extracts, plant oils and butters and other ingredients for as many ingredients as possible when formulating natural products.

Organic Beauty Products

Organic formulas are natural beauty products that have earned certification from an independent organization like the United States Department of Agriculture. Each certifying organization sets its own standards for what qualifies as organic. Usually, products must be made primarily out of ingredients that are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and manufactured in ways that respect the planet. Keep in mind that natural beauty products may contain organic certified ingredients without earning organic certification themselves.

Why Choose Natural and Organic Products?

There are a number of reasons why you may prefer to use natural or organic beauty products instead of conventional formulas. Some people select these types of formulas because they feel that plant and mineral-based products are friendlier to the planet. Certified organic solutions are especially ideal for those who are green minded.

Others go the natural route because they are sensitive or allergic to certain chemical ingredients commonly used in conventional beauty products. People may also prefer the natural fragrances of products scented with herbal extracts rather than synthetic fragrance.

Taking a Natural Approach to Beauty

Today, it's possible to find natural and organic alternatives for nearly everything in your beauty bag. There are eco-friendly eye shadows, eyeliners, brow cosmetics and mascara. Enhance your lips with plant- and mineral-based lipstick, lip liner and gloss. You can perfect your complexion with mineral foundation, concealer, powder and blush in a wide range of formulas and shades.

Many natural and organic cosmetics contain plant extracts and minerals that offer skincare benefits, so they can promote a healthier complexion while enhancing your appearance. Shop the selection of natural and organic makeup now and don't forget to pick up eco-friendly, sustainable tools and applicators to help you make the most out of your new cosmetics.

Natural Care for Hair and Skin

Your cosmetics collection isn't the only part of your beauty routine where you can go green. Walgreens carries natural and organic products for cleansing, moisturizing and treating the skin on your face and body.

Take care of your hair with naturally derived shampoo, conditioner and styling aids. There are even natural and organic hair color kits available if you want to change your color or cover grays.

When it comes time for fun in the sun, you can protect your skin from UV rays with natural and organic sun care products made with FDA-approved zinc oxide and titanium dioxide mineral sunscreens.