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Body Powder at Walgreens

Sweating and itching are two reasons to choose a good body powder to help alleviate discomfort and excess moisture. Different brands and product lines make it easy to find a body powder product that satisfies your needs, whether soothing athlete's foot or absorbing moisture on a sweltering day. Baby powder can make diapering your child easier and more comfortable for his or her delicate skin.

Body powder may contain a blend of talcum powder, cornstarch, rice flower, tapioca flower, and other powders. Binding agents also may be included in order to absorb and lift away moisture.

Kinds of Body Powder

Different body powder products exist to serve specific needs while others can be more of a multipurpose product. Skin care products specific to babies may be scented or unscented and sometimes even enriched with other key ingredients like Aloe or Vitamin E. These baby powders are often made of pure cornstarch and are especially gentle on the skin. Baby powder can be a nice beauty item for all ages and for men as well as women. It is specially designed for sensitive skin, making it a good choice for anyone at all.

Perfumed body powders can be a luxurious addition to your beauty routine, allowing you to dust on a delightful fragrance after your shower or bath. Medicated body powders can be useful in relieving discomfort and itchiness associated with cuts, sunburn, and bug bites, among other causes of irritation. These powders deliver a cooling sensation that soothes the skin while absorbing excess moisture for greater comfort.

Body Powder Application

Different techniques exist for applying body powder. For babies, simply shake some into their diaper or apply it gently with your hand, using caution to keep the powder away from the face. For use on large areas of the body, you may wish to stand in the shower and apply with your hand, smoothing the powder across desired areas of your skin. You can apply perfumed body powder more precisely and delicately with a powder brush across your décolleté and other areas of the skin as needed. A powder puff may be another useful tool in applying body powder.

Some brands also offer a form of body powder that can be sprayed on the skin as needed. This offers a more targeted application that can be quicker and easier for some.

Creative Uses for Body Powder

Body powder offers creative benefits for your beauty routine as well as common uses around the house. It is useful for at-home beauty tricks, like absorbing excess oil from your hair with a light dusting of powder massaged into your locks. Shake some powder into your shoes to deodorize them, or apply some directly to the skin after toweling off from your shower.

In case of an oil or grease stain on your clothing, you can apply some baby powder to the stain and let it sit for a few hours. When you return, the powder will have absorbed most of the grease and oils. Shaking some body powder or baby powder between the sheets can also offer a nice and luxurious improvement to your bedding at night.