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Shaving and Grooming Products at Walgreens

A well-groomed appearance helps you make a good first impression with everyone you meet. Hair removal is an important part of grooming for both men and women, and there are a wide variety of ways to deal with unwanted hair on the face and body. Whether you're preparing for a big interview or going on a blind date, Walgreens Shaving and Grooming Products can provide solutions for your needs with products like, manual shavers for men, electric shavers, and waxing kits for women.

Razors for Your Shaving Needs

Shaving is one of the simplest and most convenient forms of hair removal. For men, shaving is the most common way to deal with facial hair growth, and women may opt to shave their legs, underarms, bikini lines and other areas that are prone to body hair growth. Because men's and women's shaving needs are different, razors are gender specific. Men's razors have a steep blade angle for the coarse hair of the face, while women's razors are more curved for tracing the contours of the legs and underarms. In addition to manual razors, you can find electric razors for both men and women. The electric models can help cut down on shaving irritation and the risk of nicks and cuts.

Caring for Your Skin while Shaving

Razors, especially manual ones, create friction as they remove your hair. This friction can be irritating to the skin and cause redness and razor bumps to form after you shave. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce the effects of friction with the right skin care products. A shaving lubricant like a cream, lotion or gel cuts down on the friction and is a must-have when you're shaving with a manual razor. You can also purchase special pre-shave oils and creams to soften the growth and make it easier to remove, so that you do not need to press as hard with your razor. After shaving, pamper your skin with a post shave cream or lotion, which hydrates the tissue and helps calm inflammation.

An Array of Hair Removal Options

Shaving isn't the only way to deal with unwanted hair. Depilatories can be used to chemically dissolve body hair and allow it to be wiped away. Waxing involves pulling out the hair using a sticky substance that is spread over the skin and then removed with a forceful tug. Epilation is the process of removing hair with a manual hand-held device that grips multiple hairs and pulls them out of the skin. Tweezing is similar to epilation but involves the use of tweezers and removes just one or two hairs at a time. You can also find bleaches that leave hair in place but lighten it to make it more difficult to see.

To select the right hair removal method, think about which area you need to treat and how often you are willing to touch up the area. Shaving and depilatory hair removal methods that leave behind the roots of the hair must be performed more regularly to maintain results, whereas plucking, using an epilator and waxing produces longer-lasting results by removing the roots as well. You'll also need to take into consideration the sensitivity of your skin and your own tolerance for discomfort, as hair removal methods like tweezing, waxing and epilation can be more uncomfortable than depilatories and shaving. Explore the Walgreens Shaving and Grooming Products to learn more about hair removal options.