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How can I keep track of all my medications?


Every individual has individual needs and there is no "right" way to keep track of all your medications. Certain systems to keep track of medications that work well for some will not work for others. However, a good starting point for keeping track of your medications is to use the Medication Manager tool offered exclusively by Walgreens. The medication manager tool provides you with a centralized location to keep track of your medications, your doses, and your readings (such as blood sugar or blood pressure). It even provides sections to write special instructions from your physician and questions you may have for your pharmacist or physician.

Medication organization

When you are ready to start organizing your medications you must consider the different options you have available to you. Products range from pillboxes to pill cutters crushers to pill-pouches traveling-tablet organizers and more. Pillboxes are one of the most widely used medication management tools because of their simplicity convenience. Pill boxes range in shape, size, and number of doses. Many of the travel products can help to ensure you have a dose of medication with you at all times. A few travel products include keychain compartments and purse compartments. However you decide to manage your medications, it is important to make sure your storage method(s) meet(s) the specific requirements for all of your medications. Some important storage requirements for some medications include refrigeration, protection from high temperatures, protection from light, and/or protection from moisture.

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