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Incontinence Panties

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Incontinence Panties

Urinary incontinence or bladder control problems can pose major challenges during the course of your day. Having to keep track of the location of the nearest restroom and worrying about whether or not you'll suffer an accident when you're on the go can take over and make it hard to live life to the fullest. Fortunately, you can take steps to protect yourself from leaks and wetness, so that you can carry out your day-to-day routine with confidence. Incontinence panties from Walgreens are one popular option for managing urinary incontinence problems and could be the ideal solution for your needs.

The Discreet Solution for Incontinence Protection

Incontinence underwear are an incontinence care solution that is designed to take the place of traditional underwear for women. The panties are made out of absorbent materials that can lock away wetness if an accident or urine leakage occurs. Because they fit like ordinary panties, they are very discreet and virtually undetectable beneath garments. They are made of materials like cotton and nylon, just like traditional panties. They also have a comfortable fit that can help you feel your best while ensuring that you stay dry. Walgreens has many styles of incontinence panties available. Your order will be shipped discreetly for your convenience.

Reusable vs Disposable Incontinence Panties

You'll find two main options available among styles of incontinence panties: reusable and disposable. Reusable incontinence panties look and feel virtually identical to traditional panties but have pads sewn into the crotch area to absorb liquid. The panties will hold leakage well and can be laundered just like traditional underwear. Disposable incontinence panties are made from a thinner material and do not fit or feel as much like traditional panties. The benefit to disposables is that they can be thrown away immediately after an accident occurs. They can also be easily replaced with a clean pair. You can also find extra absorbent disposables that may hold more urine than reusable panties. Both disposable and reusable incontinence panty options are sized. You'll need to study the product descriptions to determine which option you should buy. Often, sizing correlates to hip or waist measurements. It's a good idea to measure yourself prior to shopping to ensure that you purchase the correct size.