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Maybelline Cosmetics

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Maybelline Cosmetics

Looking beautiful has never been so easy. For nearly a century, Maybelline has helped women look their best with its large selection of cosmetic products. The brand seeks to empower women, encourage them to make a statement, and celebrate every woman's individuality. By choosing products from the extensive Maybelline Cosmetics selection available here at Walgreens, you can revamp your cosmetic look and boost your self-confidence at the same time.

Trusted Basics

A successful cosmetic routine begins with a flawless base. Maybelline Cosmetics can help conceal imperfections and enhance your natural beauty, creating a flawless complexion. Liquid foundations in a range of shades match every skin color, helping to even tone and eliminate redness. Lightweight foam foundations do not clog pores and are simple to apply. Powders help to create a matte complexion, eliminating any unwanted shine. Maybelline Concealers can hide imperfections including blemishes, under-eye circles, dark spots, and more.

Alluring Color

Enhancing your cosmetic look with an array of flattering colors is simple thanks to Maybelline Cosmetics. Blushes are available in a number of forms. Cream blushes are lightweight formulas that melt into the skin and add a natural pop of color to the cheeks. Powder blushes are oil-free products that blend easily into the skin and deliver long-lasting color.

You can enhance the beauty of your eyes with a range of Maybelline Cosmetics. Eye shadow palettes provide complementary colors, allowing you to create a glamorous look with ease. From neutral golds and taupes to soft purples or even rich blues, these palettes offer a variety of colors suitable for every eye color and skin tone. Maybelline offers single cream and powder eye shadows as well, allowing you to mix and match colors to find a look that suits your style.

Beautiful Lips

Your cosmetic look is not complete without perfectly kissable lips. Maybelline Cosmetics include lip glosses and lipsticks in any shade you can imagine. From neutral nudes to soft pinks and rich reds and even bold purples, Maybelline lip products offer something for everyone. Whether you prefer a classic lipstick or a lip gloss that you apply with a brush, you can find the right product to complement your look and create a finishing touch.