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Gastrointestinal Conditions

Lotronex: Are there any side effects to Lotronex?

Hemorrhoids: What are some treatments for hemorrhoids that don't require a prescription?

Hiccups: What causes hiccups and how can I stop them?

Probiotics: What exactly are probiotics?

Constipation: What treatments are available for constipation?

Generic Medications

Prescription Coverage: Does getting a generic save me money if I have prescription insurance?

Equivalents: How do I know if my prescription is available in a generic?

Brand vs Generics: What's the difference between brand-name drugs and generics?

Bioequivalence: What is a bioequivalent drug?

Generic Medications: What is a generic drug?

Levothyroxine: What is levothyroxine, and are there differences between the brand-name and generic versions?

Costs: Why are generic medications cheaper than brand-name medications?


Prevention: What should I do to prevent gout attacks in the future?

Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone Side Effects: What are side effects growth hormone treatments?

Somatropin and Somatrem: What are somatropin and somatrem used for?

Growth Hormone Treatments: What are treatments for growth hormone imbalances?

Growth Hormone: What is growth hormone?

Heart Conditions

Sectral Dose Information: How do I take Sectral?

Fish Oil: What are fish oil supplements?

Sectral Risks and Side Effects: What are Sectral's risks and side effects?

Plavix: What are the side effects of Plavix?

Antioxidants: What is an antioxidant?

Sectral: What is Sectral and how does it work?


Prevention: How can I prevent heartburn without medication?

H2 Blockers: What are H2 blockers?

PPIs: What are proton pump inhibitors?

OTC Heartburn Treatments: What is the best antacid or other over-the-counter heartburn remedy for me?

High Blood Pressure

Cold Medication: Can you take cold medication if you have high blood pressure?

Decongestants: Is it safe to take decongestants if I have blood pressure?

Multiple Medications: Is taking 3 different high blood pressure medications excessive or typical?

Norvasc: What are the side effects of Norvasc?

ACE Inhibitors: What is an ACE inhibitor?

Eye Drops: Why must I use extra care administering eye drops if I have high blood pressure and am taking a beta blocker?


Incontinence Prescriptions: Are there any medications available to treat incontinence?

Infectious Diseases

Antineoplastic agents: What is Suramin?


ART Complications: What are complications of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)?

Follitropin: What are the side effects of Follitropin?

hCG: What are the side effects of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)?

hMG: What are the side effects of Human Menopausal Gonadotropin (hMG)?

Assisted Reproductive Technology: What is Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)?

Cetrotide: What is Cetrotide?

Clomiphene: What is clomiphene?

Dostinex: What is Dostinex?

Ganirelix: What is ganirelix?

Parlodel: What is Parlodel and its side effects?

Progesterone: What is progesterone?

Injury Prevention

Shin Splints: What are shin splints and how can I prevent them?


Evening Primrose: Are there side effects or drug interactions for evening primrose?

Antidepressants and Alcohol: Can I drink alcohol while taking a tricyclic antidepressant?

Levothyroxine and Supplements: Can levothyroxine be taken with food, vitamins, iron, or other minerals?

Vitamin K: Does Vitamin K interact with warfarin?

Blood Thinners: Do some herbal medications interact with blood thinners?

Grapefruit Juice: Do some medications interact with grapefruit juice?

Antibiotics and Alcohol: Is it OK to drink alcohol when you are taking an antibiotic?

Types of Interactions: What is a drug interaction?

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