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Medicare Part B Benefits


B healthy. $0 diabetes testing supplies available same day.(1)

Walgreens has your diabetes testing supplies!

Your Medicare Part B-covered diabetes testing supplies are available at every Walgreens pharmacy.2 Our pharmacies offer these Medicare Part B benefits:

  • $0 out-of-pocket costs3
  • All major brands available same day
  • 90-day prescription fills
  • 24-hour access to our expert pharmacists

Talk to your Walgreens pharmacist about filling your Medicare Part B-covered diabetes testing supplies with Walgreens.

Diabetes testing supplies

Diabetes testing supplies

Walgreens supplies these Medicare-covered items and more4

Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental Insurance

Walgreens helps keep your out-of-pocket costs low.

We bill Medicare, which generally pays 80 percent of your covered diabetes testing supplies. Your qualified supplemental insurance typically covers the remaining 20 percent and your deductible. You'll get the supplies you need and the guidance you deserve at any of our more than 8,000 locations.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Medicare Part B FAQ

We answer questions about mail service changes, Medicare-covered items, Medicare eligibility and more.

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1 When billed to Medicare and full coverage supplemental insurance

2 Walgreens is an accredited Medicare Part B supplier of diabetes testing supplies.

3 Information provided by Walgreens is not a substitute for your own research concerning your health care, including Medicare prescription drug plans.

4 Medicare Part B and supplemental insurance is only billable in stores.

5 Limitations apply to earning points. Limit 20 points per blood glucose test, two tests per day. Information provided to Walgreens online is covered by the terms of our Online Privacy and Security Policy and the terms and conditions of Balance Rewards. Personally identifiable information reported to earn points is not covered under HIPAA or the Walgreens Notice of Privacy Practices. See full terms and details at