Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Our company's earliest leaders left us powerful legacies, and they're part of how we've done business from the beginning. We live those values every day, as we try to reflect the vision of Charles R. Walgreen by doing what is fair and beneficial to others.


Community. Learn More.

Supporting the community through services, resources and outreach.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Advancing Walgreens' sustainability efforts through innovation, efficiency and technology.


Diversity. Learn More.

Valuing differences and serving a diverse America.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity. Learn More.

Reflecting neighborhood diversity through products found at Walgreens stores.

Disability Inclusion

Disability Inclusion. Learn More

Approaching technology, efficiency and opportunity in a new way.

Product Integrity

Product Integrity. Learn More.

Establishing stringent requirements to ensure the quality and safety of products we sell.

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