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Air Freshener Refills

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Air freshener refills

Keep your home smelling just the way you want it by stocking up on air freshener refills. Look for oil refills, plugin refills and other products with your favorite scents. You can also try a new or seasonal fragrance that will work with your air freshener. Whether you'd like your home to smell like tropical flowers or cinnamon spice, you've got a range of options from Glade, Air Wick and Febreze.

Recharging your freshener

One popular type of air freshener refills is the plugin refill. These are great for constant fragrance, since all you have to do is plug them in and refill them when the fragrance is gone. If you prefer air fresheners that you use on certain occasions or to eliminate a particular household odor, browse oil candle refills. If you use an automatic spray that works on a timer or motion sensor, you can find refills for those as well.

More options for the home

Do you also use air freshener sprays throughout your home? Check out our variety of scents and formulas that can help eliminate odors. We also carry scented candles that add ambience and color to any room, in addition to their pleasant fragrances. Keep your home clean and smelling fresh with scented household cleaning products such as all-purpose cleaner, carpet and floor cleaners and dusters.