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Bath Oil






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Bath oil

You can unwind and condition in your bath at home with bath oils. There are essential oils to help soothe and relax for a moisturizing soak or calming stress relief. Create your ideal bath from the variety of different ingredients and scents, from soothing lavender oil to goats milk. Bath oil from brands Canus, Aura Cacia and others are here at

Relaxation at home

Choose from the assortment of bubble bath, bath salts and bath oils to find one with the results you desire. You can clear your mind with a stress relief bath oil or prepare for restorative sleep with an aromatherapy oil. Transform your bath experience with mineral bath oil or foam products or pamper yourself with a skin-conditioning milk bath. For extra moisturizing when you don't have time for a bath, try a shower gel with oils to help hydrate your skin every day.