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Body Oils






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Body oils

Help keep your skin soft and smooth with our selection of body oil products. Some body oils go beyond lotions to be more fully absorbed into the skin after bathing for maximum moisture. Maybe you'd like a body wash made with oil or are searching for body gel infused with oil. Whatever you need, you can find the solution here at Brands such as Canus, Burt's Bees and Out of Africa can keep your whole body hydrated.

Which one is for you?

You'll find a variety of body oils in products such as lotions, massage oils, body creams and oils of many scents and benefits to choose from. Try a lotion with a soothing scent or light fragrance. There are body moisturizers to address dry skin, body oils that feature low SPFs to soak up the sun's rays and some with vitamins and antioxidants to help nourish and moisturize your skin. Salves can help repair cracked, burned or dry skin with intense healing.