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Canes With Seats

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Canes with seats

Enjoy the confidence of sitting anytime when using canes with seats. Canes with seats are available in many styles, shapes and materials making it easy to select the model that gives you the most comfort, stability and portability.

Canes with hard seats

Canes with seats are firm and unyielding, and give a high degree of comfort and stability. Seats can be a variety of shapes, but are often triangular or circular. Select a hard seat that will be wide enough for you to sit on securely. Remember that the shape of the seat cannot be minimized when the cane is folded for carrying, so you should also consider the portability and convenience of the seat size while you are walking with the folding cane. Hard seats can be cushioned, and you should consider a seat with an attached cushion if you plan to sit on the cane's seat for any length of time. Seat canes with hard seats may be slightly heavier than other canes.

Hammock seat canes

If you are more concerned with portability than stability, you might prefer a hammock seat cane. These canes have soft seats, usually made of fabric, that expand when the cane is unfolded for sitting. Canes with leather seats are an attractive and stylish version of this type of cane, and may be preferable for evenings out or special events. Some canes with seats unfold to complete chairs; these are a good choice for attending sporting events.